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Our diverse team of professionals are here to provide you with top quality hair styling & cuts in addition to other beauty services. Just give us a call to find out more information 01628 661711. In the meantime, meet the team below:


Louise O'Sullivan, Freedom Hair Salon owner and Style Director

The unassuming down to earth hairdresser who is the woman behind the magic of Freedom.  With over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of hairdressing, Louise is still passionate in creating wearable art and making people feel positive about themselves.


Helen Lewis, Salon Manager and Senior Hair Stylist at Freedom Haircutters

Helen has been working for Freedom for about 4 years now, and has recently been made Salon Manager.  I love meeting people and making them happy by doing their hair.  I enjoy all aspects of hair dressing but my favourite area is doing hair up for weddings, parties and proms.  I also specialise in retro 50’s hair for men and woman.   In my spare time I enjoy walking my two dogs, watching loads of film with my husband, especially vampire and zombie movies.  I dislike rude and grumpy people and I live to make people laugh, smile and making them feel totally fabulous.


Nicky Smith, Hair Stylist & Beautician at Freedom Haircutters

Nicky began her career in the beauty industry. Her passion is making people feel good. Working in a hair salon inspired Nicky to further her skills in hair so she can offer a wider range to her clients. As a self-employed beautician and hair stylist, offering hair and beauty services, Nicky’s aim is that every client leaves the salon feeling fantastic, she achieves this with her attention to detail. Nicky’s motto is if you look good you feel good. Besides hair and beauty Nicky loves spending time with her family and socialising with friends.


Vicky Walsh, Senior Hair Stylist at Freedom Haircutters

I have been hairdressing for 20 years and still love my job and I am now self-employed and work at Freedom. The best part of my job is meeting some amazing people. I still love hairdressing as much as I did when I first started. I have two beautiful sons and loves spending time with my boys and my partner. I also love socialising with friends. I love reality TV and all the soaps, and I am always ready to watch the next car crash TV programme. I have no time for rude and ignorant people, I want the world to live in totally harmony!


Nicky Bates, Senior Stylist at Freedom Haircutters

I have been hairdressing for 19 years, and recently joined the Freedom after many years at other salons. I was also the creative designer at my previous salon, and now love being part of the Freedom team.  With my many years of knowledge and experience, I make it my aim to make sure all clients, regular and new, are always happy and satisfied with their salon visit.  I love doing re-styles and colour for clients. In my spare time I love running and keep fit and enjoy socialising with friends and family. I dislike onions and the cold winter months!


Hollie Pinfield, Stylist at Freedom Haircutters

Hollie is a self-employed creative hair stylist. Having worked for Freedom for 8 years, her clients and co-workers would agree that she is creative and outgoing. Hollie does inspiring cuts and colours but she also specialises in skin treatments including shiatsu massage. She says “I’m a fun, understanding and patient person to all my clients. I enjoy the atmosphere in the salon and I love cutting & styling hair in new and creative ways". Hollie studied hard with NVQ level 3 and is working on becoming a teacher in the industry. Her creativity extends into her love of making jewellery which is also a huge passion and her main hobby.


Vicky Park, Apprentice at Freedom Haircutters

I have been working at Freedom for 3 years now, I’ve been working Saturdays and late nights while studying at college to get my sports level 2 and 3 qualification, I inspire to be a sports physiotherapist.  I love being part of the Freedom team.  I love spending time with my family, but also going partying with my friends each weekend.


Charlie Proctor, Apprentice at Freedom Haircutters

I have been working at Freedom now for 6 months and I am training to be a hairdresser, and I am learning so much being the Freedom apprentice. I can’t wait to be qualified so I can have clients of my own. I’m always on the lookout for models. I love spending time with my family and friends, going out to dinner and parties, my favourite type of music is R&B.